Summer assignments are almost unavoidable when you hit high school, even more so if you chose to challenge yourself with honors or AP classes. Unfortunately the assignments tend to scare some people away from taking these classes. Some people think “it’s summer, why should I have to do ‘school stuff’?” And hey, valid point, I know I want more out of summer than sitting on my bed with papers to write and required reading. But it really is possible to manage a fun summer AND get assignments done for those classes(which, by the way, will look really good to colleges).

So, I thought I’d share some tips to help you get the most out of your summer, while still tackling those assignments.

-first things first, don’t overload on classes with those assignments or you won’t be able to get them all done on time AND well

-make a plan, and stick to it… To an extent (if you had planned to read a certain amount of chapters in the book you had been working on, but you just can’t bring yourself to pick it back up… Read that many in another one(if you’ve got more than one) or start that paper you have to write, either way make sure you’re getting the amount of work you had planned to done, but don’t get caught up in it being a specific thing. Basically, it’s ok to shift the schedule… Just don’t throw it out)

-plan ahead for days when you just can’t bring yourself to do anything or when plans pop up with friends(have cushion room in your schedule, for example if the way you have your reading plan divided up means you’ll finish on the 15th, promise yourself it’ll be done by the 18th)

-take a day where you don’t do any assignments, you’ll feel more refreshed and ready to work when you get back at it

-most importantly, make sure your whole summer isn’t centered around the assignments, yes make it a priority to get them done but don’t say no to hanging out with your friend because you planned to read that night… Promise yourself you’ll double up the next day and go make memories

Hopefully I was able to help some of you while taking a break on my own assignments… Well, back to it.

Uniquely Yours,