Today marks two weeks until the first day of my senior year. Before I go back I still have to finish a set of reading and notes and write a paper. Ugh. I also will be going to soccer practice, with a few more scrimmages squeezed in, and finally the first official game two days before school starts. On top of that I’ll be scrambling to spend a little more time with my friends before our schedules are ruled by homework, sports, and school in general. Needless to say my last two weeks will be pretty jam packed, did I mention the final week before school starts is fair week? One thing I don’t have to worry about is shopping, I already have all my supplies and new clothes for school. While others scrambles to snag supplies before everyone else and spend hours waiting in lines, I can kick back and spend time with my friends and yes, finish those assignments too.

If you can, I’d strongly encourage you to get your back to school shopping done early. I know once I had everything done a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Personally, I feel a lot better when I’m able to have all my supplies and have time to organize them the way I want them in plenty of time before going back to school. Having everything in order and in my backpack ready to go puts me in the right mindset and gets me feeling confident for back to school, it even gave me a boost of productivity to start really powering through the end of my assignments.

I’ll also be able to get my schedule a few days before going back and if you’re able, I highly suggest you do this as well. It makes everything so much easier knowing where you’re going for your classes and what order you have them in, not to mention knowing what teachers you have so you can ask around about them. The first day is so much less stressful when you don’t have to check your schedule every ten minutes to make sure you know where you’re going next. 

Essentially, I just encourage you to be as prepared as possible on the first day and to get/do anything you can ahead of time. It makes things so much easier. Remember, going back to school has benefits… Seeing your friends daily again, the extracurriculars you love (sports, music, art, etc.), having a reason to leave the house (let’s face it, you were running out of things to binge watch on Netflix anyway). As hard as it is sometimes, don’t forget to enjoy high school; it goes by faster than you’d ever believe. Sincerely, a senior who still can’t believe she’s a senior.

P.s. Don’t forget to squeeze some fun out of your final days of summer

Uniquely yours,