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I started this post on a whim, I’m low on ideas and I’ve been itching to make a good post and as I sit here scrolling through my reader I noticed this daily prompt and for inexplicable reasons it grabbed my attention. Actually, it probably got my attention in a last attempt to allow me to further procrastinate finishing my summer homework which I almost finished earlier tonight and rewarded myself with a snack-break… and here we are now. 

Due to the fact that I’m currently within reach (see what I did there?) of finally being done with these assignments, I’ve decided to take this post to tell you about some of the things you will inevitably reach for in high school.

On day one of your freshman year, most of us will be overly ambitious and reach for things that aren’t really possible (or at least I was). You might promise yourself that you’ll never be late, or that you’ll get all A’s and settle for nothing less, or that you’ll study for absolutely every test, all while remaining active in every possible extracurricular; the point is, this isn’t really a great goal to have because you’ll spread yourself way too thin and instead of excelling in a *slightly* smaller range of things, all the things you do will suffer. Some nights you’ll get home really late after a grueling away game that’s 2+hours away from your school or you’ll be finishing a tech rehearsal for your school’s show and be getting home at unspeakable hours and the last thing you’re going to say when you get home is “Wow I’m super awake and totally ready to study for a couple hours for that test I have tomorrow!” You’re going to be exhausted and probably hit your bed and fall asleep minutes after you walk through your front door. AND if you somehow manage to stay awake and study, you’re going to be so tired that you won’t be able to focus and that test will suffer anyway. Bottom line is, being an active student will sometimes mean forfeiting study time (which is totally ok as long as its not seriously affecting your grades, sometimes a bad test or two will happen… those happen even when you do study, trust me, it’ll be ok).

Fast-forward three years- Day one of your senior year (which I technically can’t really attest to seeing as mine won’t *actually* have happened until 9 days from now, but that won’t stop me from putting in my 2 cents). You probably won’t look back and be upset over that time your team won the championship and you got a B (or worse…) on the test you had the next morning. But you will probably look back and be upset you didn’t audition for your school’s show (which you instantly regretted after seeing your friend’s gorgeous costume) because you were afraid you might not be able to study enough.

My point is, BE INVOLVED (just don’t let your passions suffer because you thought you had to be involved in everything). Enjoy your high school experience, try new things, stick with the things you love, give your best effort all the time (some days your best won’t be as good as others and that’s perfectly fine as long as you constantly give the best you have to offer), and most importantly, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF- above everything else make sure you are taking care of yourself (get enough sleep even if it means that paper won’t be as good as it maybe could have been).

This post got a little rambley (rambly?) but that’s probably going to be a common thing around here so bear with me and hopefully you’ll hang on for the ride. Anyway, thanks for reading thoughts from my scrambled brain.*

Uniquely yours,


*not like scrambled eggs, scrambled brain eggs would be weird