Today I pick up my schedule for my last year of high school. I still can’t quite grasp that I really only have one year left, to be honest I still feel like a sophomore, and look like a freshman *sigh*. I think that once I have my schedule and am able to actually get an idea of what my days will look like it will truly start to sink in that, yes, I’ve made it to my last year of high school.

**fast forward several hours**

I have my schedule now (and I’m quite pleased with it…) and when I was at my school I was able to find my locker and put some of my things in it and decorated the front as per usual for me. (pictures to come in a later post, probably). Putting together my locker and posting the obligatory picture of my schedule on Instagram and Snapchat made me realize, this is it… it’s really the start of my senior year.

I have a rough first two classes, starting off with AP Lit (this doesn’t bother me too much because I love the teacher), followed by AP Psych. After that, its smooth sailing from there. I’ll have choir, nutrition and wellness(first semester) or trig* (second semester), then advanced newspaper, study hall, then yearbook (with one of my favorite teachers from last year, which may or may not have been the reason I took this class…). I am so happy I get to start and end my day with two of my favorite teachers.

Getting my schedule has always gotten me excited for what’s to come, it’s always fun to see what classes I have with my friends and that’s a huge benefit of going and picking up  your schedule early, you’ll know who you have with you in your classes and be more comfortable knowing who will be there to great you when you walk into the room on the first day. Another good thing about getting your schedule early is you are able to see what conflicts you might have and you’ll be able to fix them before the first day when it’s virtually impossible to get into the counselor’s office.

It’s currently 4 days until I start my senior year and I am so ready to see what it has in store for me.

Uniquely yours,


*this makes second semester a little tougher, but I’ve had the teacher before for a different math class and she managed to make it fun and easy so there’s hope…