btsT-12 hours until the start of my senior year is underway. I’ve got all my summer assignments done, I’ve picked up my schedule, gotten my school laptop (and sat through the ridiculous hour long meeting), my locker is filled and decorated, my outfit is laid out, backpack ready, lunch packed, and alarm set (ugh).

I’m ready.

I can’t wait to see what this year has in store and even if the first day sucks (which it won’t because there’s no way I’m letting that happen), I have a voice lesson right after school which never fails to put me in a good mood (plus my voice teacher is always down for a good rant session if I need it).

If you too are going back to school soon (or even if you already have) remember that your own attitude is half the battle. Go into the day with a positive attitude and you’re guaranteed to have a better day than you would have if you went at it with negativity (not to say that this is a magic fix-all and you’ll never have bad days, it’s not. But, it will mean that your day won’t be AS bad).

Anyway, good luck to those of you who are headed back to school. Wish me luck. And most importantly thanks to those who have chosen to join me on this journey and those we’ll pick up along the way.

Stay tuned for a first day post and some pictures.

Uniquely yours,