The musical cast at my high school has been waiting (arguably since before our last show ended) to find out what this year’s musical would be. The anticipation was killing us. The seniors more than anything because once we knew, this was it, we knew what our last show performing on the stage we love so much would be. We found out yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic to finally  know a solid answer for what we are doing so I can start really thinking about auditions and costumes and the like. But finding out was kind of bittersweet, my heart was pounding right before the announcement and I, of course, rushed around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to talk to my  castmates about the show and just generally freaking out because WE FINALLY KNOW. 

And then, it hit me. This is my last show performing with this big wacky family. The last time I’ll cry with these people on closing night and be a part of the inevitable group hug. The last time we’ll do the “you can’t see me dance” in front of the curtain before it opens because haha we’re dancing like idiots right in front of you but you can’t see us. The last sleep deprived tech week with crazy half remembered conversations between scenes. And worst of all, final bow. Worse even than tear down or our last gathering together after all the clean up is done, because when you take the final bow, it’s over. The bows are the unmistakable end of the show, and on closing night, for the seniors, the end of their time performing on the stage that has become home.

I have cried closing night since my freshman year, we cry for the death of our show, for the many hours we’ll no longer spend together, and for the seniors we may never get to perform with again. I can only imagine the amount of tears that will happen this year, and honestly, many will probably come long before closing night. But, I know that I will cherish every single moment whether it’s costume fittings, blocking, rehearsing music until you think you’ll never forget it as long as you live, and every single second I get to spend on the stage I’ll have had the honor of spilling my heart and soul onto for four magical years.

Our show will be Seussical, and I’m quite sure I’ll be posting massive amounts of other blog posts about it, so stay tuned.

I’m so very grateful for every moment I’ve spent on my high school’s stage I can’t wait to take this production by storm.

Uniquely yours,