I’ve been nominated for the black cat blue sea award by @namitha (thanks!). Basically, I have to answer the three questions she asked in her post, nominate my own choices, and ask three questions of my own. 

My answers:

1. What is the best thing your blog has done for you?

– I haven’t had my blog for long at all but I’ve already met and interacted with so many incredible people that I never would have had the opportunity to interact with before.

2. If you had to describe yourself in one word what would it be?

– unique 

3. Are you proud of achieving something? If yes, what is that thing and how did you achieve it?

– Yes, my freshman year of high school I earned a lead in my school’s musical (we did Willy Wonka, I was Grandma Josephine), and I’ve had a lead the past two years as well (Nanny Andrew aka The Holy Terror in Mary Poppins and Aunt Eller in Oklahoma!). I’ve achieved these roles through hard work, dedication, talent, and the element I feel is most important- passion. I am so passionate about theatre and I completely submerge myself in every role I recieve, I love getting to become those characters. 

I’ll insert pictures of each of the roles I mentioned in order.

My three questions for the people I’m nominating are:

1. What’s the most unexpected thing that’s come from your blog?

2. What’s your most memorable experience?

3. What is something or someone that has changed your life?

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