My last high school homecoming will happen next Saturday. Woah. I thought maybe I’d like to have a date for homecoming this year since it’s my senior year. I went with some friends my freshman and sophomore year and had a not so great “date” last year. I made it very clear with the person that I wanted no part in a relationship and that homecoming was where it ended. Long story short he didn’t like that and I walked away with the knowledge that, like most high school boys, he’s a jerk. I ended up ditching him at the dance and having a blast with my friends anyway.

Now that we’ve gone down that rabbit hole… back to this year. I actually ended up asking a couple of guy friends if they’d like to go to homecoming with me (as a friend date) but because I’m a major procrastinator, they already had plans. Ok no biggie, I’ll find some friends to go with. Or so I thought… because of the same cursed procrastination, they all had plans as well and I didn’t feel like third wheeling or hanging with a group of people I didn’t really know, though they kindly offered. Then I thought, why not ask my cousin to come with me? She goes to a different school and is active in many things like me, so we don’t get to see each other too often. 

That was the best stroke of genius I could have had. 

  • We’ll get to spend some quality time together, just hanging out without the rest of the family getting in the way
  • We’ll have a reason to both be all dolled up and take cute pictures together
  • She doesn’t know many people from my school so she won’t ditch me to hang out with someone else
  • We get to really do it up and go out to dinner together too
  • She gets along with most of my friends
  • Because she’ll already be in town and the dance ends late, she’ll be spending the night with me too

Moral of this post, you don’t need a date to have a blast at homecoming. Do it up with your friend(s) or cousin(s) or whatever. Two of my good friends are taking each other as “dates,” they’re even buying each other corsages. My cousin is my “date.” Both my friends and my cousin and I are getting the date experience (dinner, pictures, etc) without the added awkwardness, pressure, or drama of an actual date.

Be smart about who you chose to go to homecoming with, you only have four, so why ruin them by going with someone just because you want to have a date and then ending up feeling awkward or even miserable. I’m not saying don’t go with a date,  but don’t be so fixated on having one that you forget to just enjoy the whole experience.

Uniquely yours,


P.s. The first picture is from before homecoming last year(with a much cuter date than the boy I went with). The second picture is my cousin and I from my sophomore year, her freshman year.