If you’ve ever been in high school, chances are you’ve dealt with and been annoyed by the administration. I had to interview my assistant principal today for my school’s newspaper about a topic that is very “hot button” for me. I went in knowing I wouldn’t enjoy it, but I was ready to get in, get my questions answered, and get out. Things didn’t go as planned…(and I likely stuck my foot in my mouth several times).

The hair color policy (no unnatural colors) annoys the heck out of me because 1. Why do you get to tell me what I can and can’t do as far as style is concerned and 2. In what way would it hurt anyone if I want to have purple hair.

The interview basically turned into a lecture and the real kicker is– when I asked why the rule was in place, it wasn’t because the hair would be distracting as many of us assumed… it’s because it’s “unprofessional” …


He went on to inform me that “more than 25% of people get turned down for jobs based on their appearance”

Last time I checked, I wasn’t interviewing to be a student, at a public school no less. 

Moral of this post- I’m annoyed and school’s should not be able to restrict something as trivial as hair color.

Uniquely yours,