This post is long overdue, it’s been quite some time since my team played our senior night game. In fact, our regular season is now over and we’re going into tournaments! We have our sectionals game this Saturday. I’m so excited for the opportunity to be a part of working towards keeping our sectional champs streak alive and to hopefully get one more shutout so that one of my best friends (our goalie) can break the record for career shutouts.

Here is a picture of my favorite keeper and I on senior night.

Senior night was great, we got wonderful gifts from our teammates the flowers were even sunflowers! (My favorite) It was a blast to be able to walk across the field with my parents and hear what I had written, and it was even more fun to dash through the crash sign we made.

We had to paint our feet (and our keepers hands) for the sign…

The final product however, was beautiful.

As you can tell by our smiles, we were thrilled to destroy all our hard work…

The tournament game we play this Saturday will be the last home game we (the seniors) will ever get to play. This is incredibly bittersweet, I’m so excited to *hopefully* end my soccer career with another sectional championship under my belt and maybe even go further. I’m also very excited for everything I get to be a part of post season. But I don’t feel ready for the moment I walk off the pitch for the last time, knowing I’ll never get to play with this team ever again.

This post is getting really sad… so looking ahead, after season I will be competing in academic challenge matches as a member of my school’s Fireland’s challenge team (we actually had our first match today), as well as auditioning for my last high school musical (don’t get me started… I’ll weep for days), and continue to be active in the many clubs I am already a member of.

All in all, I’m thankful for the time I got to play soccer (even though I’m about as talented as a wet noodle when it comes to all things sports) and I’m beyond thankful for the teammates I’ve gotten to know through the only sport I’ll ever come close to loving. I’m also very thankful that I decided to come back to it after taking a year off, I love the coach I’ve been blessed to get to play for this year and I wish I’d been able to have her for a coach longer.

I’m sorry I’ve been so busy and neglected to post for so long, I’m still here. I’ll do my best to be more consistent (if you have any tips, PLEASE share them in the comments).

Uniquely yours,