Recently there’s been a tag circulating, mostly around twitter I think. The tag or trend (or whatever you want to call it) is to post a picture from the beginning of your 2016 and one from the end. I participated in it, and the pictures are pretty similar.

Beginning- January 2016

This is a picture of my best friend and I during a rehearsal for Oklahoma! I was Aunt Eller and she was Kate(one of Laurey’s friends). Since I had a lead this year and she did not, we didn’t always get to have rehearsals together and I often had rehearsals when she didn’t. We still had a blast but we didn’t get to spend as much time together as we would have liked to.

Fast forward to 11 months later.

End- December 2016

This is from the last day before Christmas break. Same best friend, though we’ve grown much closer over the year. We’re now in rehearsals for Seussical. I’m playing Gertrude McFuzz and she’s playing Mayzie LaBird. Since we both have leads this year (and we’re both birds) we’ll get to spend more time together and we share lots of scenes. I’m so proud of her growth, she went from being too scared to audition our freshman year to having a lead our senior year. I’m excited to spend my last high school show having an absolute blast with my best friend. 

Bring it on 2017.

Uniquely yours,